4 Easy-to-Maintain Kitchen Countertop Materials

Are there a lot of choices out there in the market, when it comes to kitchen countertop materials? Yes. And is the same for modular kitchen Kochi, or in Ahmedabad, or just about anywhere - irrespective of the place? Of course, yes.

Then how should one choose the right kitchen counter space? What should its features be? The answer to that question would be a pretty long one. But, the primary feature one should look for, would be maintenance. You are going to work extensively in your kitchen; but the working part will never be as difficult as the cleaning and maintaining part will be. And that is exactly why, our would need a countertop material that doesn't make you work too hard to keep it well-maintained.

Here are 4 of the top easy-to-maintain countertop materials that you can get for your modular kitchen.

Kitchen Counters Made From Granite

Why are granite countertops so popular? It’s like they’re everywhere! The primary reason is, that granite is really sturdy. Also, this natural stone shows a lot of character in terms of having unique grains, being available in a range of colors, and also having customizable finishes. You can never doubt the durability of granite. In terms of cost, you can easily have something really inexpensive; but if you go for a more exotic granite slab or one that is difficult to install, you may see the prices going up as well.

Kitchen Counters Made From Copper

You don’t see copper counters very often in kitchens. So, if you do get one, you might be surprised with the choice, but you won’t be disappointed. A copper countertop would be extremely easy to clean, you don’t have to work too much to maintain it. But, it can react to different substances - especially as you’d be using it in your kitchen which sees a lot of action in terms of food getting spilled or dropped over - creating a blend of greens, and browns, and matte reds even. So, that is a bit of a downside with copper. It’s also a little expensive, but as we said the low maintenance does quite make up for the cost.

Kitchen Counters Made From Soapstone

Soapstone is a material that will get you nostalgic whenever you see it. Because the last time you saw it, you were probably performing one of the science experiments at your school lab! But, don’t you let that information make you shoo away this option for your kitchen. Think of it this way - if it could handle all the bacteria and stains and chemicals, and what not - how hard would it be for a soapstone countertop to handle a mess that any modular kitchen could present with! Therefore, even if getting this material proves to be a little out of budget for you, remember - it’ll be worth every cent.

Kitchen Counters Made From Tile

One of the best things about tiles is, that they are not too hard on the pockets. You could go for ceramic tiles or the ones made from stone. If you’re one of the craftsy people, you could even go for on of the DIY options available for countertops. If there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about with tiles, it’s their durability. But the thing you’ll find worrisome on a day-to-day basis, is their maintenance; and all that grout doesn’t help either! But, you should do just fine with this incredibly durable and quite an inexpensive option, if you choose a darker grout.

Don't worry for whether yours is a modular kitchen Kochi, or some place else. These materials would prove to be A-grade, no matter what.

So, which one do you think will you go for?


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