What Makes a Modular Kitchen Have a Contemporary Look?

One of the secrets to building a warm and contemporary kitchen, is to have a hold on all the shapes that embody the kitchen. These shapes could take the form of cabinets, their handles, or the countertop, the tiles that you use in the flooring, and so on. After having a visual idea of the shapes you’d like to include, would come the materials and colors that you choose. A warm ambience is also about how you combine various shapes, colors, and dimensions; how balanced and proportionate does the space look in the end.

We have here a list of basic shapes and elements that could give a contemporary,and more importantly, a warm look to your modular kitchen.

Start with Your Cabinets

Cabinets form a huge part of any kitchen, and they have a major role to play in deciding on the ambience of the space. You could go for white and glossy, or you could choose flat and matte in terms of color and finish. Using wood, or even something from a range of laminates available would work beautifully. Including a slab door, either over the cabinet, or set into the cabinet frame, would give your kitchen the contemporary touch you’re looking for.

Move on to Cabinet Knobs

The right cabinet handles, pulls, or knobs can make all the difference. Today, designers even making use of press-touch technology, so you don’t have to add any more hardware, keeping it clean. Otherwise, a matte black or stainless steel cabinet pull could offer a much decorative yet elegant look. Whether your cabinets open towards the left or to the right, go for horizontal orientation; that gives a more contemporary air to the kitchen space.

Island Kitchens - The Most Contemporary of All

Island modular kitchens in Kochi , Kerala are probably the most contemporary and modern looking of all types of modular kitchens today. Unsurprising in high demand, island kitchens can be made even better, if you have your countertop material continuing down the short edge of the island - giving it a look also called waterfall edge.

Keep Flooring on a more Subtle Side

You have to go for a concrete flooring to make your kitchen look like it is keeping up with times. If not concrete, then something that looks like concrete. It’s not to say that no other floor type would work at all, but this is probably the best option amongst all. The key here, is subtlety. Instead of going for something that is evidently too rustic or heavily patterned, or even vintage, try to keep away from those. The pattern in your flooring should be almost non-existent. A hardwood floor would probably look good too, as would oversized tiles in porcelain.

A Contemporary Countertop

Instead of making your countertop and backsplash from the same material, you could try something different this time. Don’t let your countertop material have a lot of pattern on it, that is refrain from using natural material. For example, as popular as granite is in terms of a sturdy countertop material, sedom does it ever lend a contemporary look. Use engineered quartz, instead. It’s both sturdy and good looking. And for backsplash, maybe use glass tiles with clean lines , or even ceramic tiles would look great.

So many ways to make your modular kitchen look contemporary - from island modular kitchens, to something as simple as a cabinet pull, to having a different countertop and backsplash. Which of these ways do you think would work for your kitchen?


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