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3 Styles of Bar Stools That Could Work in Your Island Kitchen!

People all around the country, their picturesque modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and other cities, especially the ones with island kitchens are opting for bar stools instead of regular chairs. If you’re a little confused as to what would a chair do in a kitchen, you should know you can easily make a breakfast table out of the island countertop in your kitchen. And for that table, a chic bar stool does do wonders!
We have here 3 materials that you can make these kitchen stools out of, and help give your kitchen space a brand new look!

Bistro, or Riviera
Here’s a way to give your kitchen a beautifully chic and rustic look. Having bistro-like stools for your breakfast table, waiting for your food everyday will probably feel like sitting in one of those mod French cafes, waiting for your coffee and croissant to arrive! Not only will a bistro-style give a rustic feel to the space, but in an otherwise neutral space, these bar stools will definitely provide for a creative respite.

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How Would a High Tech Solid Surface Make a Low Maintenance Kitchen Countertop?

Everywhere you go, owners of modular kitchens kochi, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and so on, are trying to keep up with the ongoing kitchen trends. And one of the hot trends that has grabbed everyone’s attention is, getting a high tech solid surface countertop for the kitchens.
Now, why would that be? What is this synthetic material being deemed as one of the cutting-edge countertop materials?
To answer these questions, let’s begin with the basics.
How Is It Made? It is a perfect team up of acrylic or polyester resins, pigments, and powdered fillers that when further heated at 60°C  or more, then cured, and finally cast into various shapes while being sanded on either one or both the sides, makes a solid surface kitchen countertop. To make a countertop worthy of a beautiful modular kitchen though, it would need to be more than just robust. It would have to be design worthy as well. And therefore, an acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can be given different effects, appearances, and be molded i…