How Would a High Tech Solid Surface Make a Low Maintenance Kitchen Countertop?

Everywhere you go, owners of modular kitchens kochi, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and so on, are trying to keep up with the ongoing kitchen trends. And one of the hot trends that has grabbed everyone’s attention is, getting a high tech solid surface countertop for the kitchens.

Now, why would that be? What is this synthetic material being deemed as one of the cutting-edge countertop materials?

To answer these questions, let’s begin with the basics.

How Is It Made?
It is a perfect team up of acrylic or polyester resins, pigments, and powdered fillers that when further heated at 60°C  or more, then cured, and finally cast into various shapes while being sanded on either one or both the sides, makes a solid surface kitchen countertop. To make a countertop worthy of a beautiful modular kitchen though, it would need to be more than just robust. It would have to be design worthy as well. And therefore, an acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can be given different effects, appearances, and be molded into various design figures to embody the perfect look before getting installed in a kitchen.

What Makes It So Special?
Did we tell you how they can be easily injected into a mold of your choice, to give you the design of your choice? The unique shapes and configurations that you can get with this material make it one of a kind amongst the crowd of countertop materials available in the market today.

But of course, the primary reason for choosing this synthetically made countertop is, the durability of the material, and its being non-porous. The latter quality especially helps in the surface being easily maintained; the reason for that is, it doesn’t let any bacteria or mildew in, as well as doesn’t get stained very easily.

Solid surface manufacturers are always quite keen on getting their GreenGuard approval; for that would mean, in an officially certified manner, that their countertops are a healthy and indoor-friendly choice, owing to their non porous nature and emitting chemicals at a lower level. That again makes it a very sustainable choice for any modular kitchen.

Where Could It Go Wrong?
Heat sensitivity is the weak spot for this countertop material. Unless you have the mixture for making the solid surface get heated at about 160°C and immediately cooled thereafter, the heat sensitivity of the material is nowhere better than its counterparts. Also, it is not scratch free. Working in a kitchen, knives and cutting board become your buddies for life; but you would need to keep a check on your buddies, knowing that they could do some irreversible damage to your high tech solid surface countertop.

Also, while there is a way to make solid surfaces more eco-friendly, right now the majority of these are being made from materials that we get from non-renewable resources, such as petroleum, aluminium trihydrate, and so on. The negative impact that it has on the environment is a bit worrisome; but not too much, as it can be taken care of.

Last, But Not the Least: How Easy Is It To Maintain It?
Very easy. You would not need anything more than soap and water to clean the surface on a daily basis. The only thing to take care of, is to dry the surface properly, every time you clean it. Otherwise you would be left with a countertop demonstrating a dull finish. Also, if you have used a darker color for your countertop, you won’t have too many easily seen fingerprints to clean as well.

Modular kitchens Kochi, Ahmedabad, and every other city today is moving towards a more stylish and easily maintainable future. We spend so much time in our kitchens on an everyday basis, that we need it look good and that too, always. That is why we want our kitchens to be as low maintenance as possible.

That’s the reason, with a solid surface countertop, you won’t be disappointed!


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